Hackastory coach

With Hackastory we bring people in the media industry together to come up with new ideas, formats and products to improve digital journalism.

The Hackastory hackathons are multi-disciplinary collaborations on journalism innovation. It’s a pressure cooker where you develop new concepts at rocket speed and at the same time you will develop new skills, mindset and methodology to execute innovative ideas.

With Hackastory it’s my job as a Hackastory coach to teach my team new ways of brainstorming, concepting and prototyping.

VR the Champions

Get in the groove and pump up the jams with this workout dancing simulator based on the classic aerobics championship video.

In this virtual reality game you have to move your hips and follow your dance partner to score maximum points. Are you going to be the next aerobics champion?


Design – Quincy Norbert & Corin Donders
Development – Quincy Norbert & Corin Donders


Over is a clothing brand fueled by personal demand since it’s start in 2012. The pieces they create convey the core three values which we continue to offer today β€” authentic, wearable and affordable clothing.

The team behind Over wanted the same core values displayed on their site. After multiple iterations we chose for a image image bases website.

The main reason we ended up using a image heavy website is to put the authenticity and wearability first and the technology and text second. This way the visitor isn’t distracted by the “fluff” of the website and immediately sees the products


Design – Corin Donders
Development – Corin Donders