You are on your way home after a party. But you start noticing a strange man on the road. Can you escape him? Get hime safe!

Just before the 2019 Global Game Jam I came across this home trainer. I thought the home trainer could be the perfect game controller. To read the Bike speed I attached a Arduino to read the wheel RPM.


Design – Quincy Norbert & Corin Donders
Game Development – Quincy Norbert & Corin Donders
Arduino Development – Corin Donders


VR game where you must scream at evil librarians that try to silence you.

For the 2017 Global Game Jam we had to implement the following theme: Waves.
We immediately thought about audio waves, so instead of just using a traditional controller the player has to scream in real life to “shoot” the evil librarians


Design – Joep Aben
Development – Corin Donders