VR the Champions

Get in the groove and pump up the jams with this workout dancing simulator based on the classic aerobics championship video.

In this virtual reality game you have to move your hips and follow your dance partner to score maximum points. Are you going to be the next aerobics champion?


Design – Quincy Norbert & Corin Donders
Development – Quincy Norbert & Corin Donders

I Am Not Home Video

This Project was done in collaboration with artist Bert Hana and was commissioned by IDFA / VR BASE. Bert has a fascination for old footage and was looking for a way to visualise audio tapes and hi8 images he collected in VR. Together with several partners I was part of interactive VR installation that is a visual reconstruction of the world Bert knew from his past.

Enter a virtual flashback to the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Like an archeologist, Hana points out the arrival of the brand-new Euro banknotes, the prosecution of Slobodan Miloševic and the collapse of the Twin Towers. The filmed house then unfolds around you in three dimensions, in the typical VHS colors. Go ahead and look or even walk around. 


Director – Bert Hana
Production – Thierry Pul & Cassandra de Klerck
Co-production – The Virtual Dutchmen & Spook.fm
Editing – Joris Seghers
Executive producer – Cassandra de Klerck
Sound Design – Spook.fm
Cinematography – Thierry Pul, Roelof Terpstra & Bert Hana
Developers – Marijn Willemse, Corin Donders & Bodhi Donselaar